Bloomington High School South Amateur Radio Club


School Club Roundup was a success! Here is our log and results in Excel format.

Nick KC9GZY working the log computer.


Josh working 20m on Monday.


Josh and Nick working hard to make contacts on 20m on Monday.


Josh, Nick KC9GZY, Tyler, and Nicole KC9GDQ on 20 meters after school Wednesday.


Nicole KC9GDQ picking out a place to start a "pile-up" that lasted over an hour on Wednesday!


Erica, Nicole KC9GDQ, Tyler, and Joe KC9BWV working PSK31 on Saturday.
(Sorry, I forgot to take pictures on Friday!!)


This time Nicole is smiling :)


Tyler is learning how to run PSK31 from Joe KC9BWV

I have high resolution of these pictures that are too big to post!. Email me.

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